As I sit here enjoying my Earl Grey tea and lemon cookies I’m overcome with a sense of thankfulness. Everyone in the house is resting right now so I was able to steal a few quiet minutes to myself. 

I have so much joy and gratefulness in my heart right now. As I remember all the things the Lord has done for me… for us, it truly melts my heart. He has been soooooo faithful! Everything we have needed, He has provided. He has blessed us with our very special gift Arissa this year and our hearts are so full! I’m so grateful for my little family that God has blessed me with and the wonderful first Christmas we had with Arissa. She is our special gift and we are truly enjoying every minute we get to spend with her. I’m so excited about the Christmas traditions we have started with her and will add to as the years go by.

One tradition I’m so excited about is the one where daddy gives mommy and baby cards with special messages for Christmas. The messages he puts in his cards are from the heart and are so meaningful. They mean more to me than any gift he can buy.

Henry gave Rissy a special Christmas card this year and I wanted to share a few snippets from the words he wrote inside.

“Today we are celebrating a very special baby who came about 2,000 years ago and forever changed the lives of mankind. Jesus is no longer a baby, but a savior, King, friend, intercessor, Redeemer, and more! As we celebrate Christmas, we also celebrate a special baby in you! You have brought so much joy to our family and to everyone who has met you. Like Jesus, you are going to impact lives, touch nations, and transform people for the glory of God.”

These words are so powerful and so potent! They totally blessed my heart!! I know how important it is to speak into your children’s lives and I’m so blessed by the words “daddy” has spoken into Rissy’s life this Christmas.

My heart is truly full and I am grateful…

Gr8fully Yours,