Hey Everyone!

I know that it has been a little while since I have posted. This past month has been really tough for me emotionally and this post has actually been a month in the making.

Back in September, I dealt with one of the toughest losses I have ever experienced in my life. When I got the news that a woman, who I had the privilege to call “Mama” had passed away, I was numb. The tears flowed, my heart was heavy, and I was literally knocked off of my feet. I was an emotional mess and cried so much that weekend. Little did I know how much more crying I would do when I got to Oklahoma for the funeral.

Mama was and still is one of the most special women in my life. She was a blessing to everyone she met and those who knew her, remember her for many things. Her sweetness was one of the things that stood out to me (and many others) the most. Just yesterday, someone said to me that even though they had just met me, they could tell that I was a sweet woman. It was really nice to hear that, but as I reflected on that comment, I realized that growing up I had an excellent example of the sweetness that I strive to walk in today. Mama exuded sweetness and graciousness so effortlessly. Mama was not only sweet, but she was caring, kind, loving, strong and more. She was everything that a virtuous woman should be.  Another wonderful characteristic that Mama had was the gift of forgiveness. No matter what people did to her, she always walked in love towards them and showed them forgiveness. She was a peacemaker and always sought to see how she can help people come together and settle their differences. She was an amazing prayer warrior whose prayers were powerful and truly heard by God. She was also an amazing example of what a Godly wife should be.

Growing up I was very close to her daughters and because of that I had the privilege of spending a lot of time in her home. I can tell you that the woman everyone knew her to be in public was EXACTLY who she was in her home behind closed doors. She treated me and loved me like one of her own daughters, and for that I am beyond grateful. She is a very special part of my life and I will always remember her with fondness and joy. I pray that her legacy and example will continue through me. That I will be a blessing to everyone I meet… That I will be sweet and kind… That I will be quick to forgive… That I will be a prayer warrior, a Godly wife and a peacemaker, just like Mama. But I don’t want to stop there, I want to encourage and help other women to be and do the same. My heart’s desire is to see the investment that she made into my life in prayers, time, love and yes even money, grow and impact many other women for Jesus.

While my heart is sad, and the tears still flow from time to time, I know that Mama is in excellent hands. She is completely healed and is now in the arms of Jesus. And I know without a shadow of doubt, that when she entered heaven, she heard the words, “well done my good and faithful servant”.

Mama, I am so grateful that I had the chance to tell you how much I loved you before you passed. But I want to say it again and say it loud… Thank you for the blessing you were and are to my life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and family. Thank you for loving me like one of your own daughters and for showing me what a Godly woman, wife and mother looks like. Thank you for the example you were and still are to me. May I carry your example and impact many others the way that you did. May I be a light for Jesus the way you were and may I bring Him glory. When it is my turn to walk through the gates of Heaven, may I too hear “well done my good and faithful servant”. I love you so much!

Gr8fully Yours,